"Observe a child collecting shells on the beach: he is happier than the richest man in the world. What is his secret? That secret is mine too. The child lives in the present moment, enjoying the sun, the brackish air of the beach, the wonderful expanse of sand. He is here and now. He doesn't think about the past, he doesn't think about the future. And whatever he does he does it with totality, intensely; he is so absorbed in it that he forgets everything else."


In addition to having a small play area, the Gole di Tiberio Agricampeggio offers playful and recreational activities for children that can be an opportunity for growth and a moment of great socialization.
Strolling, making creations with the elements of nature, building a terrarium, painting with twigs, learning about medicinal herbs and much more, will make your stay special even for the little ones.

Behind every single activity, there is always a study and a pedagogical approach aimed at promoting not only the fun of the child, but also the educational aspect.

The creation of a welcoming environment enables children to play, learn and get in touch with Nature in an atmosphere of harmony with the company's operators.

What matters in the activities is direct experience; iThanks to the wide range of opportunities offered by nature, children have the opportunity to experience real adventures every day, to use all their senses, satisfy their need for movement and increase their motor skills and their strength.And especially for children who come from big cities it will certainly be an exciting experience to see and come into direct contact with the animals that live in the area: donkeys, turtles, hens, rabbits, butterflies of many colors and with a little luckily a whole flock of sheep with his sheepdog.

And what about parents who can relax in the meantime?