“The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences,
and hence there is no greater joy
than to have an endlessly changing horizon,
for each day to have a new and different sun.”

Crhistopher McCandless


The name of the Agricampeggio is inspired by the Gole di Tiberio, a Geopark site recognized by UNESCO, because they constitute one of the most interesting naturalistic attractions in the area.
They are the result of the millennial work of the waters of the Pollina river which, by digging into the limestone rock, created a suggestive canyon.
The excursion involves crossing the gorges in a raft, about 200 meters long and narrow in some places.
OAfter crossing the gorges, go down to a small beach and proceed with a short walk along the Pollina river reaching the nudist area (a contemporary work of art by Robert Pruitt from 2005) and the small gorges where the most adventurous can take a swim.

The excursions take almost 2 hours.
Equipment: shorts, t-shirt, swimsuit, rock shoes with thick soles or gymnastics (no flip-flops)
Adult: € 20,00
Children 6-14 years old € 12,00
Baby 2-5 years old € 3,00 for the equipment

The excursions will take place in the month of:
booking via Whatsapp is required

N.B. The excursions will be suspended if the weather and river conditions will not allow the crossing in safety


The Agricampeggio Gole di Tiberio is not only a place for those who want to indulge in rest, relaxation and tasting local products, but it is the starting point for beautiful excursions in the fields, olive trees, ash trees still used locally for the production of manna, the Pollina river, the hills and mountains of the Madonie Park with the possibility of admiring splendid panoramic views of a still uncontaminated nature rich in biodiversity and local peasant traditions.
For those who like trekking there are various routes that can be proposed considering individual needs, with the possibility of discovering the world of fauna and flora typical of the river and mountain landscape.
You can see eels in the river, wild boars, fallow deer, hares, hedgehogs, foxes and the presence of various species of birds is very significant; with a little luck you can admire the golden eagle, the undisputed queen of the Madonite skies with its almost two meters wingspan.
But for those who love to walk with their eyes turned to the sky, bird watching gives the opportunity to spot many other species of birds, from the larger ones such as the griffon vulture, the hawk, the heron, the little owl, the owl, to more small like goldfinches, robins, sparrows and others.
For kids and enthusiasts, the area surrounding the Agricampeggio allows to dive yourself in nature in a very original way by looking for some of its most fascinating inhabitants: butterflies. The butterfly watching, thanks to the presence of many different species, is suitable for photographers, trekking lovers, families ... and it is a really fun experience.



Mountain biking is a sport that consists of driving particular bicycles called mountain bikes off-road, often on rough terrain. Compared to regular bicycles, mountain bikes are designed to increase their strength and efficiency on uneven terrain.

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The River Trail is a path made with trekking poles in the bed of rivers with a low flow of water. The RiverTrail is reachable for everyone, including families. The routes can vary, from two to ten kilometers; among the most evocative ones we should mention that of the Pollina river within the Madonie Park which crosses a prestigious area with a remarkable biodiversity among olive and citrus groves.



With horseback riding, equestrian tourism, equestrian trekking we mean a practice of horse riding which consists in the use of the horse for the pleasure of riding in places surrounded by nature.

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With donkey trekking, donkey trekking, onotrekking, a particular form of gentle mobility is indicated which involves the accompaniment of pack animals, usually donkeys. The organized walks on easy and well-trodden paths, accompanied by an operator, are suitable for everyone and are the favorite of families with children.

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